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Radford Law is a compassionate and community focused law firm in Oklahoma City specializing in criminal justice, defense, and social rights.

About Radford Law

Attorney Jim Radford began his law career as a public defender and has spent most of his life helping people navigate the legal system, fighting for the rights of the less fortunate and underprivileged, and listening when clients need to be heard. As a legal expert, Jim has been admitted into the Oklahoma Bar Association as well as those in Washington, D.C. and the State of New York. This sets him apart from the competition and provides his clients with experience that cannot be found anywhere else. When you hire Radford Law, you know you’re getting some of the best legal expertise in all of Oklahoma.

Criminal Law Today

Criminal law today is not like it once was.  At Radford Law, we are committed to helping you navigate and understand the process while finding the resources that are best suited for your particular case. With every criminal case, there are two paths: try to work on a plea deal or decide to fight to confirm your innocence. While most lawyers choose one or the other, we prefer to pursue both avenues simultaneously to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

What To Expect

We offer free consultations, both in person and over the phone. Before your consultation, if possible, we ask that you gather as much information on the case and where it currently stands in the legal process. This will help us to make a comprehensive assessment and provide you with accurate advice. While we show kindness and empathy to all of our clients, we will also be direct and honest with you. We feel it is important that you understand all aspects of the case and the charges filed in order for us to make an informed choice together regarding how to proceed with your case.

Your Fierce Advocate

In addition to being your fierce advocate, we strive to act as a buffer between you and the state’s power when it is wielded unjustly. It’s an unfortunate truth that important details can fall through the cracks unless the case is carefully coordinated among all parties involved. We are focused on ensuring the prosecution is working just as hard as we are to find a viable outcome for your case.

Our Practices

Criminal Defense


Sex Crimes

Domestic Violence

Felonies & Misdemeanors

Immigration Law

Drug Offenses

Juvenile Criminal Defense

McGirt Vs. Oklahoma Supreme Court Case


Murder & Manslaughter

Military Courts-Martial

Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession, Drug Use, Extramarital Sexual Conduct

About Attorney Jim Radford

Jim graduated from Purdue University with a Political Science degree and from Northeastern Law School in Boston. This esteemed law school is known for its innovative approach to education valuing experience both in the classroom and out in the field. The academic atmosphere is highly competitive but focused on the well-being of the students from all backgrounds and experiences. Jim brings those same principles with him in his private practice and is actively involved in Oklahoma City with organizations representing the diversity of our community.

Jim has always chosen to challenge societal norms and reach out to those who are often ignored or overlooked. Before pursuing law, he began his career as a social worker at an HIV clinic in Rhode Island, where he was a founding member of a youth outreach program focused on providing important and possibly life saving information and assistance. In addition to these efforts, he also ran a statewide needle exchange program as part of a harm reduction campaign for those suffering from addiction. This provided a safe place for people in need to learn about local rehab and treatment options.

Now as an attorney with over a decade’s worth of experience in the courtroom, he continues to help others in tough situations. He understands that no one wants to be faced with criminal charges of any kind. Even if you have lost the support of your friends and family, he understands you need and deserve empathy, kindness, and respect. Jim does not take his role as your attorney lightly. He will provide sound legal judgement and help guide you to the result that works best for you.

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